It’s always a huge company ordeal to gain new leadership. When a president, CEO or other leader in a company steps down, saying goodbye can be scary. The transition to new leadership can create major hurdles for the company. Recently, one company – The North Face, announced their new leadership. This is a prime example of a job well done when transiting to a new president.


Earlier this year in February, Todd Spaletto, the former president of The North Face, announced that he was leaving the company for a position at Wolverine World Wide Inc. The North Face is a brand of Vanity Fair Corporation, which VF announced the new president of The North Face in the middle of May.


Vanity Fair Corporation was founded in 1899, with over 30 brands and 5 categories. Those categories are: Outdoor & Action Sports, Jeanswear, Imagewear, Sportswear, and Contemporary brands with The North Face falling under the Outdoor & Action Sports section.


The new president, Arne Arens, has been with Vanity Fair for over 7 years since 2010, leading The North Face in the EMEA. In March of this year, he was placed in charge of The North Face brand in America. With his years of experience in the corporation and keen understanding of the company brand, VF believes that he has the leadership skills necessary to continue success for The North Face.


Arens’ promotion to Global President brings new opportunities for both him and the company. After years of being the Vice President of Sales and the General Manager of the brand in the Americas, Arens has handled sales, marketing, product merchandising and more. It’s clear that Arens has proven he has the experience and background required to continue driving success for The North Face.


After being appointed the General Manager of The North Face in the Americas, Arens’ job was to primarily focus on the brand and sales in the states. His successful track record is one of the reasons he was such a qualified contender for the presidential position. Group president of The North Face, Scott Baxter had nothing but great things to say about Arens:


“I am confident that his proven ability to grow business and deep connection to our company culture will help him propel our brand into the next wave of growth across our sales channels”.


It’s safe to say that Arens has a clear passion for not only the brand, but also what The North Face believes in. This brand strives to inspire outdoor lovers, provide top quality products and equip adventures all around the globe. The company is ecstatic that not only does Arens have a passion for the company and his position, but he has complimentary passions for the outdoors as well, making him an outstanding pick for the president of The North Face.